10 Creative Games to Play with Dogs During Drop-In Visits

Discover 10 creative games to play with dogs during drop-in visits to keep them engaged and happy. Perfect for pet sitters looking to enrich their care routine.
Corgi running with a tennis ball in its mouth along a tile floor

Drop-in visits for dogs are not just about making sure they're fed and have relieved themselves; they're also crucial opportunities to engage dogs in activities that stimulate their minds and strengthen their bodies. Creative games can significantly enhance the experience, fostering a strong bond between the pet sitter and the dog while ensuring the dog remains happy and healthy.

1. Treasure Hunt

Set up an exciting treasure hunt for your furry friend by hiding treats around your house or yard. Encourage them to use their nose to find these hidden gems. This not only entertains them but also sharpens their scent-tracking skills.

2. Puzzle Toys

Introduce puzzle toys that challenge their problem-solving abilities. These toys stimulate their brain and keep them engaged, making for a satisfying mental workout.

3. Tug-of-War

Engage in a game of tug-of-war with a sturdy toy. This game is excellent for building physical strength and can be a fun way to interact directly with the dog. Remember to let them win sometimes to keep them motivated.

4. Bubble Chasing

Blow pet-safe bubbles to create a whimsical game of chase. Dogs love to jump and pop these floating wonders, providing both visual and physical stimulation.

5. Water Games (Seasonal)

On hot days, set up a sprinkler or a kiddie pool for some water fun. These games help them cool off and add a new dimension to their playtime.

Belgian Shepherd dog panting in a backyard setting next to a green hose and sprinkler shooting water.
Sprinklers on a hot day are perfect for a K9 to cool-off.

6. Hide and Seek

Play hide and seek by hiding yourself or their favorite toys around the house. This game reinforces recall commands and provides a fun way for dogs to use their tracking skills.

7. Fetch Variations

Revitalize the classic game of fetch by introducing different objects like balls, frisbees, or even floating toys for variety. This keeps the game fresh and exciting for them.

8. Command Training Games

Incorporate command training into playtime. Ask the dog to perform commands like 'sit', 'stay', or 'come' before tossing a toy or handing out a treat. This reinforces their training in a fun and rewarding way.

9. Obstacle Course

Create a simple obstacle course in the backyard or living room using chairs, blankets, and boxes. This setup helps enhance their agility and entertains them with a fun physical challenge.

10. Interactive Food Dispensing Toys

Use food dispensing toys during play to make mealtime fun and mentally stimulating. These toys encourage dogs to work for their food, which is great for fast eaters.

Elevate Every Visit: Fun and Fulfillment for Your Furry Friends

These ten creative games are fantastic ways to enhance a dog’s physical and mental health during drop-in pet visits. They ensure that every visit is as enriching and enjoyable as possible.

Making Every Visit Count

Every drop-in visit is a chance to positively impact a dog's day. By incorporating these games, pet sitters can provide not just care, but a joyful and engaging experience that dogs look forward to.