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Latest Tips and News for Dog Owners

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Woman holding a Corgi dog in her arm while leaning against the wall of a ferry boat.

What to Know Before Taking Your Dog on Cape Cod Ferries

Ensure a safe and stress-free ferry ride for your dog in Cape Cod. Learn how to prepare, pack essentials, and manage your pet during the trip with our expert tips.

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Yellow lab, with a green leash, sitting on a grassy sand dune

How to Keep Your Dog Safe from Wildlife During Walks On Cape Cod

Discover essential tips to keep your dog safe from wildlife during walks in Cape Cod. Learn how to prepare, recognize dangers, and enjoy safe outdoor adventures.

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Two men walking, holding bags, and one has a leashed dog in hand, on a street when it’s dark outside

Safety Tips for Nighttime Dog Walking

Explore essential nighttime dog walking safety tips for Cape Cod. Learn how to keep you and your dog safe from traffic and other hazards during evening strolls.

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Woman in black long sleeve shirt, holding paperwork, while sitting on the floor and petting a dog that’s laying on a couch next to her.

Your Essential Checklist for Hiring a Dog Walker

Ensure you choose the best dog walker for your pet with our detailed checklist. Learn what to look for in terms of credentials, experience, and more with Barnstable Dog Care.

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Dog standing on a wooden pier, as the wind blows its ears and fur, with a lighthouse painted white and red in the background.

What If Your Dog Needs Walking In a Hurricane: Tips for Cape Cod Pet Owners

Learn how to safely care for your dog during a hurricane with our comprehensive guide. Get tips on indoor activities, emergency preparation, and post-storm safety for Cape Cod pet owners.

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Corgi running with a tennis ball in its mouth along a tile floor

10 Creative Games to Play with Dogs During Drop-In Visits

Discover 10 creative games to play with dogs during drop-in visits to keep them engaged and happy. Perfect for pet sitters looking to enrich their care routine.

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White dog, looking happy with his tongue out, standing in front of a pond and trees.

Safe Swimming for Dogs in Cape Cod's Ponds and Lakes

Ensure your dog's safety while swimming in Cape Cod's ponds and lakes with Barnstable Dog Care's guide. Learn about water quality, swim gear, and post-swim care for a fun and safe experience.

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Small black and white dog peeking out from under a peach colored couch

Building Trust with Shy or Fearful Dogs as a Pet Sitter

Learn how to build trust with shy or fearful dogs as a pet sitter. Discover tips for creating a comfortable environment, positive reinforcement, and establishing a routine with Barnstable Dog Care.

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Woman in a brown coat walking on a snow covered sandy area next to a lake, walking alongside a small dog, also dressed in a coat.

Seasonal Dog Walking Gear: What You Need for the Cape’s Weather

Discover the essential dog walking gear for every season in Cape Cod. Learn how to keep your furry friend comfortable and safe all year round with Barnstable Dog Care's guide.

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Closeup of the face of a brown and white dachshund resting his head on a soft blanket and wearing glasses

Pet Sitting for Elderly Dogs: Special Considerations

Learn how to provide the best care for elderly dogs with our expert pet sitting guide. Discover special considerations for senior canine companions with Barnstable Dog Care.

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Torso and legs of woman in black t shirt and cutup jeans holding 5 leashes attached to dogs all walking in the same direction.

The Dog Walker's Guide to Handling Multiple Dogs

Master the art of walking multiple dogs with Barnstable Dog Care's expert guide. Learn essential tips for managing group walks and ensuring a safe, enjoyable experience for all.

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Woman in sweatshirt and shorts, holding coffee, while holding a leashed dog as they walk on a cement path

The Importance of Consistency in Dog Walking Schedules

Explore the importance of consistency in dog walking schedules and its impact on your pet's health and behavior. Learn how Barnstable Dog Care can support your dog's routine in Cape Cod.

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Two happy adult black lab dogs walking along the seashore

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